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The Physiological Sigh: A Small and Slow Solution for Anxiety

Indigenous people worldwide have known the value of using slow and small solutions, Permaculture Principle 9, to live in harmony with Mother Earth.  The physiological sigh, which decreases anxiety and heart rate, is one example of a slow and small solution for maintaining health and well-being. We explore this simple but powerful practice as well…
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DIY Traditional Medicine: Qigong, Tuina, and Ear Seeds for Wellbeing & Balance

Traditional medicines, created by indigenous peoples across the planet, provide us with a blueprint for designing from patterns to details and creating balance in the body, mind and spirit. Here we explore three physical medicine practices from Traditional Chinese Medicine: qi gong, tuina, and ear points. Qi Gong Basics QiGong, a mind-body practice combining slow,…
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What do Mindful Digestion and Heart-Focused Breathing Have in Common?

Mindful digestion and heart focused breathing are practices that speak to permaculture principle four: apply self-regulation and accept feedback. These principles evolved from indigenous peoples’ methods to regenerate the earth. Principle four involves pausing before acting and using feedback to maintain balance. For both human beings and planet earth, accepting and processing feedback is critical…
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Observe and Interact: Applying Permaculture Principle One to Self-Care

Permaculture Principles are derived from indigenous Peoples’ harmonious relationship with the earth and Mother Nature. Principle one advises us to observe and interact with the land around us for an entire year – all 4 seasons – before taking any action. And when we do act, we only take actions that are mutually beneficial to…
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5 Things to Do at Your Desk to Improve Your Health

When was the last time you spent several hours staring into a screen participating in Zoom meetings or responding to email and texts?  I just finished six hours of such activities, but because I sprinkle the activities below throughout my screen time, it all feels more pleasant and manageable.  I hope you find these activities…
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5 Solutions for Sleep that Worked for Me!

Many years ago when we had a toddler and an infant in our home, I remember thinking “sleep is a precious commodity”! Although we no longer have children at home, I still believe that sleep is precious, and I have worked diligently to identify natural solutions that work for me even in the most sleep-challenging…
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Honor the Earth: Time in Nature

According to Shakespeare, “One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.”  Reading that quote makes me want to immerse myself in nature, yet as I type this sentence, I realize this is my seventh hour of screen-time today.  How can we increase our connection to nature and why should we? Benefits of connecting to…
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Patient Treatments: First, a Walk in the Woods

I work at a community acupuncture clinic where the treatment begins the moment you walk through the door.  With the use of dim lighting and wallpaper, the hallway from the lobby to the group treatment room has been made to appear as though you are walking through the woods.  For me as the acupuncturist, no…
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Try a Little Kindness…Self-Kindness

Jack Kornfield shares the following story about Gandhi: After struggling for half a century with the British Empire, Gandhi said that his most intimidating opponent was not the British Empire or the Indian people, but a man named Mohandas K. Gandhi, “With him I seem to have very little influence.”  If, like Gandhi, you have…
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Imagery for Success: A Whole Person Practice

In addition to improving sleep, stress management, anxiety, pain and blood pressure, imagery has been shown to help achieve success. Because everything, from ideas to actions, begins in the imagination, all you need to get started is your imagination, willingness to learn the basics, and a pinch of curiosity. Engage your whole self When planning,…
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What is your Ikigai?

The Japanese define success and living your life purpose at the intersection of doing what: You love, Are good at, Can be paid to do, and The world needs. If you already have a clear vision of what success looks like in your future, you can use this invitation to validate your vision.  It will…
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Acupressure for Improved Sleep

I honor acupressure as a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine. And I also think of it as a DIY form of acupuncture.  Using self-acupressure, this ancient and powerful medicine is available to everyone.  Does acupuncture improve sleep in all my patients? No, but I’ve seen it help most of them.  And, even more interesting, patients…
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101 Self-Care Solutions for Anxiety

Over the years I have accumulated at least 101 solutions for anxiety. Some have worked better than others. I am a firm believer in the personalized approach to health and wellbeing.  This means we need choices.  Safe choices.  And we need to be open to trying on different options and seeing what works for us. …
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