DIY Traditional Medicine: Qigong, Tuina, and Ear Seeds for Wellbeing & Balance

Traditional medicines, created by indigenous peoples across the planet, provide us with a blueprint for designing from patterns to details and creating balance in the body, mind and spirit. Here we explore three physical medicine practices from Traditional Chinese Medicine: qi gong, tuina, and ear points.

Qi Gong Basics

QiGong, a mind-body practice combining slow, rhythmic breath with fluid movement, helps balance qi (energy) throughout the body.  It also supports the immune system.  Qi Gong strengthens and stretches the body and enhances awareness of how the body moves through space, simultaneously calming the mind. Qigong has been found to improve chronic pain, reduce blood pressure, and improve sleep, depression, and anxiety. Try the brief practice below!


Qi Gong Practice


TuiNa Basics

TuiNa is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine that restores physiological and emotional balance by unblocking channels of energy and releasing tension. TuiNa literally means:  push-pull.  It involves using the hands to manipulate the fascia, connective tissue and skin over loose clothing.  This manipulation releases blocked energy.  TuiNa has been found to improve chronic pain and reduce stress and stress-induced conditions. Try the brief practice below and see if you can notice a sense of balance and calm.


TuiNa Practice


Ear Seeds

Because the ear represents the entire human body in TCM, it is always my first choice for where to place the first points during an acupuncture treatment.  Ear seeds can be purchased inexpensively online and used in place of needles in DYI ear acupuncture. Place an ear seed on one or more of the acupoints on the outer ear and massage a few times a day.  The picture below shows Shen Men, the primary ear acupoint, which is a key point for tranquilizing the mind and alleviating pain.  You can treat yourself by placing and ear seed on this point and then massaging this point between your thumb and index finger three times a day. You can also simply press and massage this point for about 30 to 60 seconds for stress and pain relief!  In addition to stress and pain, there is some evidence that shows ear seeds can also be used to treat the symptoms of ADHD.


Shen Men Acupoint


Traditional medicines treat the whole person: body, mind, and spirit.  You can safely experiment with three forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine: qigong, tuina, and ear seeds.  Notice how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally before and after each practice to help you evaluate which practices work best for you.


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